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For ages 0 – 6 years


holistic baby sleep coach

How does it work?

During our initial contact, I will send you a comprehensive sleep assessment questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will enable me to gain a better understanding of your unique situation, and help me to customize my consultations and home visits to meet your specific needs. Together, we will explore various sleep solutions and discuss different sleep training methods that are available to you. By working together, we will determine the best approach for you and your child, and I will provide you with ongoing support throughout the process of implementing your personalized sleep solution. Please take a look at the available packages below, which are designed for babies and children between the ages of 0 and 6 years old.

Tailored Baby Sleep Plan £99
  • 15 minutes free consultation call

  • Sleep assessment

  • Detailed personalised sleep plan/routine

  • This plan does not include consultation or follow up support.
  • You can purchase additional follow up support as an add-on to this basic package:

  • 1 week of follow up email/ text support + 1 phone call – £80
  • Each additional phone call (daytime)- £25
  • Each additional phone call (evenings and weekends) – £35
  • You will be sent a sleep assessment questionnaire for you to complete. This will give me a greater understanding of your unique situation and allow me to tailor the sleep plan for your little one.

Video Consultation With A Tailored Baby Sleep Plan, from £169

45-minute in-depth telephone or video consultation with tailored sleep plan:

without follow up support £169

with 1 week follow up support £249

with 2 weeks follow up support £299

  • Sleep assessment
  • Detailed personalised sleep plan/routine
  • 2 weeks of follow up support is normally sufficient. You can purchase additional follow up support as an add-on to this basic package:
  • 1 week of follow up email/ text support + 1 phone call – £80
  • Each additional phone call (daytime)- £25
  • Each additional phone call (evenings and weekends) – £35

At Home Sleep Consultation And Tailored Baby Sleep Plan, from £399


  • 90-minute in-depth face-to-face home consultation and 2 weeks follow up support £399
  • 3 hours in-depth face-to-face consultation at your home with observation, 1 month follow up support £549
  • Sleep assessment
  • Detailed personalised sleep plan/ routine
  • unlimited follow up text or email support
  • 1 follow-up phone call per week
  • A more in-depth consultation that allows for a range of questions and sleep related issues to be addressed. As part of my visit, we’ll check your baby’s room, sleep clothing and discuss white noise and room temperature as well any any other things you want to ask about. Follow up support offers peace of mind to help you navigate smoothly through sleep training.
  • Observation package will give me more time to observe a nap or bedtime, your settling techniques, activity and feeding time. You choose the time of the day.

Overnight Sleep Training At Your Home Package, Tailored Baby Sleep Plan From £349
  • Sleep assessment

  • Detailed personalised sleep plan/ routine

  • Dedicated Night-Nanny Sleep Training service

  • 1 sleep training night £399

  • 2 nights or more £349 per night

  • 14-days of unlimited follow-up text or email support

  • 2 follow-up phone calls

  • I’ll arrive at your home 30-minutes before your child’s bedtime and talk you through the pre-prepared tailored holistic sleep plan. I’ll then support your baby through the night while you get some well-needed sleep. I will also teach you the sleep training techniques so You will be the expert once I’m gone. You’ll receive a bespoke sleep plan to follow on subsequent night.

Welcome Home Baby Package And Tailored Baby Sleep Plan £549
  • 3 hours’ in-depth face-to-face home consultation

  • Practical advice to support baby’s health and hygiene

  • Expert support with responsive breast and bottle feeding, winding techniques/colic, swaddling, responding to baby’s cues, bathing, baby equipment and establishing healthy age-appropriate routines.

  • Detailed sleep plan/ routine for ongoing sleep solutions

  • 1 month unlimited follow up text or email support

  • 4 follow-up phone calls

  • This plan allows me to offer in-person support and to demonstrate techniques and sleep strategies. You’ll benefit from my baby sleep expert advice and have chance to discuss a variety of issues in the time we have together. I’ll show you how to soothe your crying baby, correct feeding positions and effective winding/burping techniques to help with colic or/and reflux. This plan also provides that all-important ongoing follow-up support as you implement your tailored baby sleep program.

Text And Call Support from £25
  • Up to 30-minutes’ weekday phone call – £25

  • Up to 30-minutes’ evenings / weekends’ phone call -£35

  • 1 week of text/email / WhatsApp unlimited support – £80

  • Please Note: Text and call service is available between weekdays 8am to 7pm, weekends 9am to 1pm Saturday and must be pre-booked

  • Response time is guaranteed within 24 hours however usually within 1-2 hours.

Sleep Solution Call, 1 hour @ £99

1 hour solution call.

  • We will talk about your sleep issues and I will give you the solutions, recommend any changes or sleep training techniques.
  • This package does not include written sleep plan or follow up support.
  • You can add follow up support @ £80 per week (unlimited messages and 1 x 30 minute call)


Maternity Night Nurse Services, prices on request
  • Intensive and Expert Maternity Nurse Support providing information and guidance on infant feeding (whether breast, formula or mixed feeding), colic, reflux and allergies.

  • Specialist and tailored maternity advice on the baby equipment you’ll need

  • Routine setting and implementing to facilitate newborn and infant feeding and sleeping.

  • Bespoke maternity and baby sleep plans tailored to your baby’s age

  • Hands on overnight 1:1 support for your baby allowing you to gain much needed sleep. I will take care of all night feeds, nappy changes and settling your baby to sleep. I will prepare and sterilise your baby’s bottles and dress your baby in the morning

  • I will work with you on the holistic gentle sleep shaping plan so together we can get your baby sleeping through the night naturally without any sleep training needed later on

  • Minimum booking 3-nights

Evidence Based Gentle Sleep Solution Guides, Ready to Download from £9.99

Sleep Solution guides were developed by an expert baby sleep coach and baby sleep consultant. These baby sleep plans offer a detailed, holistic, gentle baby centred sleep solutions for the parents and carers of new-borns up to 6+ year old children. These guides are filled with parenting advice for both new parents and experienced parents including baby activities, routines, gentle no cry sleep solutions and other aspects of baby care. It is based on the principles and practices I bring to families in my role as a baby sleep consultant and baby sleep trainer. Visit my shop here to purchase.

Please note: This product is a digital download only and you will not receive a physical copy of the baby sleep plan. Due to the nature of the access to a digital download refunds cannot be given, however, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase please get in touch to see how I can help.