Baby Sleep Solution Guide For 0 – 3 Months


Welcome to the Gentle Approach to Sleep for You and Your Little One

Sleep Solution was developed by an expert baby sleep coach and baby sleep consultant. This baby sleep plan offers a detailed, holistic, gentle baby centred sleep guide for the parents of newborn to 3 months old babies. This baby sleep plan is filled with parenting advice for both new parents and experienced parents including baby activities and other aspects of baby care. It is based on the principles and practices I bring to families in my role as a baby sleep expert and baby sleep trainer.

Please note: This product is a digital download only and you will not receive a physical copy of the baby sleep plan. Due to the nature of the access to a digital download refunds cannot be given, however, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase please get in touch to see how I can help.


It offers a gentle approach to sleep for you and your 0 – 3-month-old and covers topics including:

  • Realistic Expectations for New-Born Babies, Transitioning from the Womb to Life Outside the Womb, 4th trimester.

  • Kindness and self-compassion, the importance of Self Soothing, grounding Techniques to Help You With Your Own Anxieties, the power of self-compassion and Dr Nelf’s Three Key Features of Self-Compassion. Recognising and meeting your own physical, emotional and social needs

  • How does sleep work, how much sleep does my baby need? Chart of average sleep needs for a child, sleep cycles and sleep pressure, circadian rhythms and wake maintenance zone.

  • How do you put a newborn into a routine? When should you start a routine with a newborn? What should my newborn’s routine be?

  • Supporting your baby to differentiate between day and night-time. When does baby understand day and night? How do I reverse my baby’s days and nights? How can I help my infant with day confusion at night?

  • Avoiding overstimulation. Should babies be constantly stimulated? How do I stop over stimulation? How do you know if you baby is overstimulated?

  • Wake windows for a newborn baby. What do you do with a newborn at a wake time? How long should Newborn wake windows be? How do I stimulate my newborn to wake up?

  • Supporting your baby to sleep after activity

  • Love bombing – filling baby’s love tank. How to fill your child’s love tank? Can you love bomb a child? What is parental love bombing?

  • Feeding a newborn. How much do you feed a newborn? How long should you let your newborn sleep without eating? Should you wake newborn to feed?

  • Burping technique for a newborn. How do you burp a newborn baby? How can I make my baby burp faster?

  • Overtiredness in newborn babies. How do you settle an overtired baby? What are the signs of an overtired baby? What are the symptoms of Overtiredness? How to get a baby to sleep when overtired?

  • Naps. Nap-time can be rest-time for you. How long should newborn naps be? Where should my newborn nap during the day? Is my newborn napping enough?

  • Daytime routines versus strict, prescribed schedule. Is routine important for a newborn? Do kids really need a routine? What is a positive bedtime routine? What time should you start a bedtime routine? What is the perfect nighttime routine?

  • Supporting Your Baby To Settle, Soothing Techniques. How do I settle my newborn at night? Why can’t I settle my newborn? Why isn’t my newborn settling overnight? How long does it take to settle a newborn to sleep? Soothing techniques – Dr. Karp – the 5 `S’s.

  • Swaddling newborn. Should I swaddle my newborn? What does swaddling do for a newborn?

  • When should you start using white noise for baby? What does white noise do to babies? Should you play white noise all night for baby?

  • Is it OK for newborn to have dummy? When can a newborn start using a dummy? Can a newborn sleep with a dummy NHS? Is it OK to give a newborn a dummy? How soon can a newborn baby have a dummy?How do I get my newborn to take a dummy? What age should you introduce a dummy?

  • Sooting a newborn using feeding to sleep and contact sleeping.

  • Gentle sleep training methods. How do I wean my baby of sleep associations?


  • What are newborn cues? How do I know what my newborn wants?

  • When do babies start showing sleep cues? When should you stop following a sleepy cue? What are sleepy cues in newborns? Newborn sleep cues vs hunger cues.

  • How do you know if baby is overtired or hungry? What are tired signs? What does a tired baby sound like?

  • What are baby feeding cues? How do you know when baby wants feeding? What are 3 hunger cues an infant might exhibit?

  • Baby activity time cues. How do I know when my baby wants to play?

  • How do I stop my baby from overstimulation? What are the signs of stress or distress in babies? Can babies get too much sensory stimulation?

  • How to recognise an overtired baby? Signs of an overtired baby and how to help them sleep?

  • Safer sleep for a newborn. What temperature should baby room be NHS? What is a safe sleep area for an infant? What should I dress my baby in at night? What is the best position for a baby to sleep?

  • Co-sleeping safely. Is co-sleeping bad or good? Does co-sleeping help bonding? Are contact naps bad for baby? Can you sleep with your baby next to you? When is it safe to co sleep with baby?


  • Feeding or rocking your baby to sleep.

  • My baby is full of energy when its bedtime

  • My baby seems needier then others

  • My baby wakes up unhappy.

  • Baby is resistant and fights naps and bedtime.

  • My baby wakes up to party in the middle of the night.

  • What is a “sleep regression” and why not worry about it.

  • Why is my baby waking up so early? How do I fix my baby rising early? How do you break a habitual baby waking?

  • My baby is falling asleep whilst breastfeeding than waking on unlatching.

  • How do I successfully introduce a bottle to my currently breastfed newborn?

  • Reflux babies and sleeping. How can I help my reflux baby sleep at night? How babies with reflux should sleep? How can I comfort my baby with reflux?