Toddler Sleep Solution was developed by an expert baby sleep coach and baby sleep consultant. This toddler sleep plan offers a detailed, holistic, gentle baby centred sleep guide for the parents of a toddler from 18 to 36 months old toddlers. This toddler sleep plan is filled with parenting advice for both new parents and experienced parents including children’s activities and other aspects of toddler care. It is based on the principles and practices I bring to families in my role as a baby sleep expert and baby sleep trainer.

With a career spanning over two decades, I have personally used all of the methods mentioned in my guides on both my own children and those who have been in my care. I have done the long nights and the disrupted sleep in order to perfect my gentle sleep methods to utilise in my private Baby Sleep Coaching business. It’s those same methods that I will describe in this guide, I have seen them work firsthand, although naturally, some children do take longer than others. I’m confident that with some patience they can work for you too.


Content of this Toddler sleep plan:

Physical, emotional, cognitive and social development of your toddler.

Separation anxiety in toddlers. How do you stop separation anxiety in toddlers? What are the signs of separation anxiety in toddlers? At what age do toddlers show separation anxiety?

Kindness and self-compassion, the importance of Self Soothing, grounding Techniques to Help You With Your Own Anxieties, the power of self-compassion and Dr Nelf’s Three Key Features of Self-Compassion. Recognising and meeting your own physical, emotional and social needs

How does sleep work, how much sleep does my toddler need? Chart of average sleep needs for a toddler, sleep cycles and sleep pressure, circadian rhythms and wake maintenance zone Wake windows and your baby’s exploration tank, wake window activity suggestions Love bombing – filling toddler’s love tank

How do you know when the toddler is ready to drop a nap? How do I drop a nap? What is a good naptime routine for my toddler?

The Power of Communication for your toddler. Tantrums, how to deal with toddler tantrums? How do you handle tantrums and meltdowns?

Daytime routines versus strict, prescribed schedule. Is routine important for a toddler? Do kids really need a routine? What should be kids routine?

What is a positive bedtime routine? What time should you start a bedtime routine? What is the perfect nighttime routine?

Overtiredness in toddlers. How do you settle an overtired toddler? What are the signs of an overtired toddler? What are the symptoms of Overtiredness? How to get toddler to sleep when overtired?

How do I set up a sleep friendly children’t room? What do I need to set up a toddlers room?

How to wean of dummy? How to get toddler to sleep without a dummy? How to get toddler to sleep without a pacifier?

How to wean off night feeds? How do I stop my baby from comfort nursing? How to get a baby to sleep without a bottle? How to get a baby to sleep without feeding?

How to transition from Co-Sleeping to cot? How do I get my toddler to sleep in his own bed after co-sleeping?

Gentle sleep training methods/ sleep coaching your toddler in a gentle way.

Why is my child waking up so early? How do I fix my baby rising early? How do you break a habitual baby waking?

What is sleep regression? How do I know if my toddler is having a sleep regression? What age do children have sleep regression? How do you fix sleep regression?

My Toddler is Teething and Won’t Sleep. How to get toddler to sleep when teething? How to get a toddler to sleep when sick?

My Toddler is Resisting Bedtime. How do I get my toddler to sleep when they resisting bedtime? Why is my toddler suddenly resisting bedtime?

My toddler hasToo Much Energy, my toddler is wired at bedtime, what do I do?

How do I stop my toddler wearing nappies at night? How do I stop my toddler wetting bed?


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