This audio sleep guide offers an economical way to access the benefits of sleep training, sleep coaching and baby sleep expert consultancy without using control crying or CIO – cry it out methods. 
  • Kindness and self-compassion, the importance of Self Soothing, grounding Techniques to Help You With Your Own Anxieties, the power of self-compassion and Dr Nelf’s Three Key Features of Self-Compassion. Recognising and meeting your own physical, emotional and social needs

  • How does sleep work, how much sleep does my baby need? Chart of average sleep needs for a child, sleep cycles and sleep pressure, circadian rhythms and wake maintenance zone

  • Entering your child.s universe, a quick tour of a child psychology and how it affects sleep.

  • Tantrums, what is tantrum behaviour?

  • Boundaries – What are healthy parent/child boundaries? How do you establish boundaries with children?

  • Love Bombing, what is love bombing from a parent?

  • Filling your child’s love tank, What is love tank theory?

  • Love language – What are the 5 different love languages? How do I speak to my child’s love language? How do I work out my child’s love language?

  • Separation anxiety in older children,  What helps separation anxiety?

  • Do older children still need a nap? How long should child nap for? How can I help my child with separation anxiety?

  • Activity ideas for children, what activities to play with kids?

  • Bedtime Routines for Children, What is the best sleep schedule for kids? Bedtime routine examples.

  • Over-tiredness – Does Over-tiredness cause night waking? What happens when a child is overtired? How do I know if my child is overtired?

  • Bedroom Set Up that supports better sleep for children

  • Dropping the Pacifier / Dummy, how to wean your child off dummy

  • How to Wean off Night Feeds

  • Stopping the Bedtime Bottle

  • Sleep Solutions for 3 – 6 year old, tried and tested sleep training methods to help your child sleep without using CIO or cry it out.

  • Trouble shooting and dealing with difficult times:

  • My child is resisting bedtime, what can I do?

  • My child wakes up too early, how can I get them sleep longer?

  • My child has too much energy at bedtime and won’t sleep.

  • My child wets the bed at night, how can I stop that? How do you deal with a difficult child at bedtime?

  • How can I help my child to self settle themselves to sleep?

  • My child finds it difficult to wind down for bed, how can I help my child to wind down before bed? How do you deal with difficult bedtime?

  • School settling, How can I help my child with school anxiety?

  • Helping anxious children. How do I help my child with anxiety?


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Please note: This product is a digital download only and you will not receive a physical copy of the toddler sleep plan. Due to the nature of the access to a digital download refunds cannot be given, however, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase please get in touch to see how I can help.

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3 - 6 years old digital sleep guide

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