Back to Work Guide


Back to work guide was developed by an expert baby sleep coach and baby sleep consultant. This guide offers a detailed, holistic, gentle family centred guide for the parents returning to work. This back to work guide is filled with parenting advice for both new parents and experienced parents. It is based on the principles and practices I bring to families in my role as a baby sleep expert and baby sleep consultant.

Please note: This product is a digital download only and you will not receive a physical copy of the toddler sleep plan. Due to the nature of the access to a digital download refunds cannot be given, however, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase please get in touch to see how I can help.



Welcome – about me and my approach.

1. Just When I Thought We Had Some Sort of a Routine….!

Returning to work: A time of change.

2. Recognising and Processing Emotions in Relation to a Return to Work.

Choice and Control: Feeling Like You Have No Choice.

Choice and Control: Feeling Guilty For Your Choices.

Grounding Techniques to Calm Your Mind and Body When You Face Difficult Emotions in

Relation to a Return to Work.

The Power of Self-Compassion.

Dr. Nelf’s Three Key Features of Self-Compassion.

3. Practical Decisions Relating to Work and Childcare.

Options regarding Parental Leave.

Flexible Working Options.

.Alternatives to Returning To Work.

Childcare Choices.

Keeping in Touch Days.

4. Your Childcare Options.


Daycare/ Nursery.

Nanny / Nanny Share.


Parental Time-Share.

Relatives or Friends.

Combination Child-care.

5. Return to Work and Feeding Your Baby.


Expressing Milk.

Employer’s Policies to support breastfeeding.

Advice That Supports Effective Expressing of Breastmilk.

Exclusively Formula-Fed Infants.

Milk and Solids.

6. Maintaining a Sleep Routine when you Return to Work.

7. Connection, separation anxiety.

Strategies to manage the Transition.

The Steps to Prepare and Manage the Transition – Separation Anxiety.

First Day at Childcare.

Letter to the childcarer.