Refund and Returns Policy

Please note: This product is a digital download only and you will not receive a physical copy of the baby sleep plan. Due to the way this product is accessed, refunds will not be given. However, please contact me if you are dissatisfied so I can help.

Sleepy Angels Consultancy has a no refund and returns policy. Whilst I will happily work with any customer who is dissatisfied with their purchase, I do not make returns based on the following:

1. As my products are digital downloads only, you will not receive a physical copy of your purchase. Due to this method of access, refunds are not able to be given.

2. Bespoke packages are tailored specifically for the individual customer. These personalised plans require a lot of work and are not transferrable to future customers. 

Please refer to my Terms and Conditions page for further information. If you are unhappy with a purchase, please contact me here so we can work to fix the issue.