Welcome Home Baby Package And Tailored baby sleep plan

  • 3 hours’ in-depth face-to-face home consultation

  • Practical advice to support baby’s health and hygiene

  • Expert support with responsive breast and bottle feeding, winding techniques/colic, swaddling, responding to baby’s cues, bathing, baby equipment and establishing healthy age-appropriate routines.

  • Detailed sleep plan/ routine for ongoing sleep solutions

  • 1 month unlimited follow up text or email support

  • 4 follow-up phone calls

  • This plan allows me to offer in-person support and to demonstrate techniques and sleep strategies. You’ll benefit from my baby sleep expert advice and have chance to discuss a variety of issues in the time we have together. I’ll show you how to soothe your crying baby, correct feeding positions and effective winding/burping techniques to help with colic or/and reflux. This plan also provides that all-important ongoing follow-up support as you implement your tailored baby sleep program.