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Hi! I’m Iva

I’m a mother to two beautiful girls.

During my 24-year career working with new-borns, infants and toddlers, I’ve supported a vast number of families to find sleep solutions that work for them and their little one(s).

I have experiences of supporting families with twins, premature babies including twins and babies with severe reflux and allergies.

I offer family-centred, holistic and research-based advice around sleep training, sleep coaching, feeding, behaviour and routines.
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I’M a maternity Nurse And A Holistic Baby Sleep Coach

As a baby sleep consultant, I’ve helped countless parents find baby sleep solutions that work for them. It is normal for babies to struggle with sleep. I’m here to guide you through and support you with sleep solutions and sleep training programs that help you and your baby to find rest and quality sleep in a way that is right for you both.

There is a lot of confusing and conflicting parenting advice out there. I am here to make things simple and straight forward for you. I will guide you step-by-step on how you can confidently create a calm, happy and healthy environment for your baby to sleep peacefully and reliably. I specialise in holistic and gentle approaches to sleep training and baby sleep solutions. I provide round-the-clock support to equip you towards sleep solutions that work for you and your little one.

Does your baby need to be rocked to sleep by you — or wake up multiple times in the night demanding a breast, bottle or cuddle? Do you struggle to get your baby to nap? Are you longing for a decent night’s sleep and feel overwhelmed by the demands of parenting a new-born, infant or toddler? Are you confused by generic sleep training advice, or feel anxious about suggestions you just need to let your baby “cry it out?”

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Most parents find they experience sleep issues or challenges with their baby.

I Am Here To Help. Together We Will Support Your Little One To Learn Gentle Self-Soothing Sleep Solutions For Quality And Restful Sleep

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As A Baby Sleep Coach, I Take A Gentle Approach To Sleep Training or sleep coaching.

I Offer Holistic Family-Centred Care.

I understand that my role as a baby sleep coach is far more than just providing a good night’s sleep. When assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating a sleep plan I’ll take into consideration all aspects of parenting, respecting your choices and ethos as parents. My approach is caring and nurturing and considers both your child’s and your own needs. I never let a child cry it out alone, and I’m there to offer support at all stages of your journey towards helping your baby to sleep well at night. My advice is always in line with safer sleep advice. The latest research confirms that a child’s sleep needs and patterns change drastically throughout their first couple of years of life, and that many parents are worried about their little one’s sleep.

I will assess family background, routine and create the plan that will fit into your family lifestyle.

My baby sleep program offers simple changes around sleep hygiene, gentle parental boundaries, bedtime routines, awake times and preventing over tiredness. I’ll support you in understanding more about sleep biology, developmental changes and your child’s cues. We’ll work together to resolving underlying feeding or health issues so you can feel calm and confident about helping your little one to settle with less support, meaning both you and your child benefit from quality sleep. Many parents who dealt confidently with sleep issues with their newborn, can suddenly feel confused and unsure when their baby reaches a developmental milestone that impacts their sleep, including teething and separation anxiety. I’m here to help in ways that are tailor made for you, your baby and your lifestyle.

I will create a routine that will fit into your baby’s natural rhythm, rather than trying to fit your baby into a strict generalised schedule..

I use a variety of sleep training techniques and approaches depending on the age of your child, their specific sleep issues and your parenting philosophy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. As a Baby Sleep Expert, I offer non-judgmental and respectful support that equips you to find baby sleep solutions that work for your unique child. I specialise in gentle and holistic sleep solutions, including no-cry sleep programs to help your little one sleep calmly and soundly. My approach is based on research informed practice that recognises the importance of circadian rhythms and sleep cycles.


Video Consultation With A Tailored Baby Sleep Plan

 45-minute in-depth telephone or video consultation

Sleep assessment

Detailed personalised sleep plan/routine

No follow up support

(follow up support can be purchased separately) 

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 At Home Consultation And Tailored Baby Sleep Plan, with follow up support

90-minute in-depth face-to-face home consultation

Sleep assessment 

Detailed personalised sleep plan/ routine

2 weeks follow up text or email support including 2 calls

price of this package


At Home Consultation, observation And Tailored Baby Sleep Plan, with follow up support

3 hour in-depth face-to-face home consultation with observation

Sleep assessment 

Detailed personalised sleep plan/ routine

1 month follow up text or email support including 4 calls

Price of this package


Overnight Sleep Training At Home Package withTailored Baby Sleep Plan and Follow up Support

Overnight Night-Nanny Sleep Training visit

Sleep assessment

Detailed personalised sleep plan/ routine

Dedicated Night-Nanny Sleep Training service

14-days of unlimited follow-up text or email support including 2 calls

Price per night from


Welcome Home Baby Package And Tailored baby sleep plan

3 hours’ in-depth face-to-face home consultation

Practical advice to support baby’s health and hygiene

Expert support with responsive breast and bottle feeding, winding techniques/colic, swaddling, responding to baby’s cues, bathing, baby equipment and establishing healthy age-appropriate routines.

Detailed sleep plan/ routine for ongoing sleep solutions

1 month  unlimited follow up text or email support

4 follow-up phone calls

Price of this package


Maternity Night Nurse Services


Intensive and Expert Maternity Nurse Support providing information and guidance on infant feeding, sleeping, and general newborn baby advice.

Routine setting and implementing to facilitate newborn and infant feeding and sleeping.

Hands on overnight 1:1 support for your baby allowing you to gain much needed sleep. I will take care of all night feeds, nappy changes and settling your baby to sleep. I will prepare and sterilise your baby’s bottles and dress your baby in the morning

Minimum booking 3-nights

prices on request







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